The Collaboration for Research Excellence in Africa
CORE Africa
"Strengthening Research Capacity in Africa"

'Strengthening Researchapacitypy in Africa'


The Collaboration for Research Excellence in Africa (CORE Africa) is a research organisation working to improve research capacity in Africa. Our primary goals are to increase awareness on the importance of research in Africa and to help create a research-friendly environment for African researchers, to enable them maximise their research potential.

Our work is led by a team of African researchers with expertise in various fields of health research including Public health, Medicine, Epidemiology, Nutrition and Biomedical Science.

CORE Africa was created with the African researcher's perspective in mind. Having been through the challenges of research in Africa, our objectives were borne out of the desire to create better research conditions for Africa.

We aim to offer a platform that gives current and aspiring African researchers the opportunity to develop their strengths and expand on their abilities. We believe research is the key to unlocking solutions to Africa's health and development challenges, and that every willing researcher deserves a chance to make an impact, through their work.

At CORE Africa, we are focused on 3 main priorities – Inspiring, Empowering and Supporting. We keep it simple, creative and exciting.