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Monitoring of immunovirological response and HIV-1 drug resistance amongst adolescents on antiretroviral therapy in two reference Paediatric centres in Yaounde.
Debimeh Njume, University of Buea, Cameroon


Background: HIV/AIDS is a public health problem affecting millions of people and cutting across various age groups. Of the many millions who live with the disease, over 67% reside in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) which is one of the main resource-limited settings (RLS). With the advent of antiretroviral therapy (ART), there has been a significant decrease in the mortality rate, but assessing efficacy of long-term therapy remains difficult. There is increased likelihood for the development of HIV drug resistance (HIVDR), particularly in adolescencts living with HIV (ALHIV) who are seen to be at a transition phase in development. This could be attributed to the relative differences and varying changes in paediatric and adult regimens, poor compliance and adherence to Antiretrovirals (ARVs), the use of low genetic barrier ARVs and frequent drug stock-outs. 

Objective: To monitor response to ART in ALHIV and patterns of HIVDR in two reference hospitals in Yaounde. 

Materials and methods: An observational cross-sectional study will be conducted amongst consenting ALHIV in two reference paediatric centres- National Social welfare centre and Mother-Child centre of the Chantal Biya foundation. For each participant, the WHO clinical staging and immunological status (CD4/CD8 ratio) will be assessed and Plasma viral load-PVL measurements performed at the CIRCB, Yaounde. In case of virological failure/VF (PVL>1000copies/ml),a genotypic resistance test will be performed and interpreted using Standford Algorithm(version 8.7). Six EWIs for HIVDR will also be evaluated. Statistical analysis will be performed using Chi-square or Fisher exact test (for categorical data) and Mann-Whitney test (for quantitative data); with a p<0.05 considered statistically significant. 

Expected Results: The data would help in identifying ART regimens with optimal outcomes for ALHIV failing on 1st and 2nd line regimens.

Keywords: antiretroviral therapy; HIV drug resistance; adolescencts living with HIV

Author: Debimeh Njume
Study Country: Cameroon
Affiliated Institution: University of Buea
Study Type: Undergraduate Research
State Of Research: Ongoing