The Collaboration for Research Excellence in Africa
CORE Africa
"Strengthening Research Capacity in Africa"

'Strengthening Researchapacitypy in Africa'


Developing functional research platforms and providing the right levels of training, guidance and support would enable researchers transform ideas into solutions for complex problems in Africa


CORE Africa is an African research organisation working to improve research capacity, increase research output and promote research collaboration in Africa.


We strive to create research-friendly environments and generate a positive research culture in Africa


Research Awareness

Skill Development

 Research training, mentoring and other skill development opportunities


Research Output

Research Collaboration


Attitudes Towards Research In Africa

Our Attitudes Towards Research (ATR) surveys target various groups of people in the African society to explore their perceptions towards research in Africa. Click here to find out more


For African University students:

If you are studying a health-related course and are struggling to decide what your research should be on, look no further! The CORE Africa Research Advisory Service is here for you! 

Click here to find out more


CORE Africa In The News

Interview on the state of research in Africa

Voice of America 


Our Reviews

"There is a lot of team work and collaboration at CORE Africa, which I enjoy"

Claude Ngwayu

I’m not from a science background but I agree with CORE Africa that research is important for Africa. Especially for health

Alex Timbu

"We see research as something that we have to do to graduate. But I’ve learnt that there is more than that"

Sidonie Blaron

"Before now I would never stop to look at or read anything about research. But somehow, I don’t know maybe because of the way your posts are worded, they are very captivating and informative. I learn a lot about research in Africa"

Glen Guo

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